Single leaf sliding door

Our cold storage doors combine the latest technology, premium materials and design features to meet the demanding requirements of the cold storage industry. Longer door life and minimal maintenance.

Application industry : Food, warehousing, industry, pharmaceuticals.


Applicable environment : Cold storage, food processing, meat processing plant, aquatic products processing,ice-cream factory, high and low temperature laboratories.

Technical parameter

Technical situation

Door Opening

Sliding, Swing and Vertical lift door

Size of door

Max: 6000mm x 6000mm

Applicable temperature

(-80 degree Celsius to +90 degrees Celsius)


High quality hardware in Stainless steel castings, standard 304, 8 nickel-plated stainless steel hardware

Door Leaf Materials

- Outsourcing material : Double-sided thickness 0.5mm steel color coated.
- Then using 3mm thickness aluminum alloy as edging.
- Inner door leaf is foam in place with Integral polyurethane insulation.
- Door thickness 100mm / 150mm / 200mm - ( Density: 43kg/m³ )
- Option: Stainless Steel, Color Steel plate, glass steel facade, filled with flame retardant polyurethane.

Door Frame Material

Hard aluminum alloy overall auxiliary frame, with surface oxidation treatment

Anti-freeze heating &
Anti-freeze heating cable
(soft silicone heater)

- Constant temperature heating tape imported from France.
- The perimeter of the door frame (includingthe floor) and the surrounding of the door leaf are made of
soft silicone and tropical aluminumalloy.
- Which is Refrigerated dual heating.

Floor anti-freeze

Aluminum Alloy Built-in Protection

Electrical control unit

- Built-in 4.33KHZ wireless, supporting waterproof "iron general" learning code remote control, single button switch.
- Waterproof rating is IP66


Motor is equipped with intelligent anti-clamping and cryogenic application open speed: 0.30M/S----0.80M/S adjustable

Sealing Material

- EPDM rubber, Detachable design
- TPE adhesive tape, with good chemical resistance

Guide Rail device

- Open and close for electric translation, the track is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, using
double-track change line type.
- When the door is closed, the door will press on the door frame by itself.
- When the door is opened, the door will open the door frame; The lower rail adopts aluminum alloy side rails
or aluminum alloy rails and adopts high-density MC nylon wheels imported from Germany (without refueling)
when walking.
- Very smooth and no noise

Transmission system

Germany high-density oily nylon anti-jump rack

Door open control

Standard button pull rope, optional geomagnetism, photoelectricity, and radar

High quality Hardware components

High quality Hardware components

High-strength aluminum alloy and double-track type

French made Electric heating

Germany made high density MC nylon wheel (without refueling